I Am Yours

For the past week or so, there have been so many thoughts running through my head. I continuously go over the plan that I have now that I’m a graduate. “Work for a couple of years, work on your writing, pay of some loans, go travel, then move out and then start to settle down”.... Continue Reading →


“I Have More Planned For You”

Out of everything we had the opportunity to see and visit in China, what I will always remember most is going back to Hefei, the city where I was found, and the place that I lived for 8 months in the orphanage. One thing that was so special about going back there, was realizing that... Continue Reading →

Our Trip Back to China

My trip back to China in 2005 was so exciting. We went to so many cities, and got to do so many different things. The first place we stayed was in Beijing, China’s capital.  I still remember the most exciting thing about the hotel we stayed out while we were there: There were seals in... Continue Reading →

Finding Hope

With it being Easter weekend, my mind has been on the love and power of Christ. His sacrifice on the cross, and His resurrection on the third day gives us all a chance to be born again, and to live with Him forever. Romans 6:4 says “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into... Continue Reading →

“Wait, You’re Adopted?”

It was a cold evening on December 24, 1993.  The streets were still busy like they usually were in Hefei, China, but there was something different that a police officer noticed. He saw a baby abandoned on the bench, and that baby was me. *** When people first meet me, they don’t know that I’m... Continue Reading →

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