My Last Days in Australia

March 12th was my last day up in Queensland. We enjoyed some breakfast before we packed up our things and drove about an hour down to Redcliffe to go to the markets along the waterfront. When we arrived, we met up with the rest of their family from the Gold Coast and spent an hour [...]


Walking Wombats, Cuddling Koalas…A Day Well Spent at the Australia Zoo

This day was a dream come true for me. Being a fan of The Crocodile Hunter, remembering watching videos growing up, and watching Bindi on Dancing with the Stars, visiting the Australia Zoo for the day was a huge check on my bucket list. We were all so excited to go and visit, and none [...]

California Trippin’

Hello! I am so sorry for taking so long to post on here! The thing is, I have been without a laptop since I graduated on April 30th. My poor HP worked hard for four years, and when I finally turned in that last school paper, it died. Even though I had access to other computers/laptops, [...]