The Food, The Sights, The People

I have been back home from Australia for a few days now, and I am still working on adjusting and even processing the fact that I was able to go on this trip of a lifetime. Everything about this trip was amazing, and I wish I never had to leave. I plan on writing many [...]


I Made It!

After about 24 hours of traveling and 3 hours of sleep, I made it to Australia! I am already falling in love with this country and the people here. Yesterday, I was able to spend some time on my own downtown Geelong. I walked along the water front, then found a cute little restaurant called [...]

Australia Bound!

Hello readers! As I write this, I am sitting in the LAX airport after a short flight from Portland. After a long and stressful 40 minutes of walking through different terminals and underground tunnels, I finally made it to my gate. Next stop, Australia! Because I had connecting flights, the terminal and gate information wasn’t [...]

My name is Katy, and I’m a nanny

Some of the most frequently asked questions that I have received as a college graduate is “What are you doing now?” and “Did you find a real job?”. My answer to these question is yes. I’m a nanny. A lot of people’s response to this is “Wait, you’re just a nanny?”. Or sometimes I’ll hear [...]

I Am Yours

For the past week or so, there have been so many thoughts running through my head. I continuously go over the plan that I have now that I’m a graduate. “Work for a couple of years, work on your writing, pay of some loans, go travel, then move out and then start to settle down”. [...]