My Last Days in Australia

March 12th was my last day up in Queensland.


We enjoyed some breakfast before we packed up our things and drove about an hour down to Redcliffe to go to the markets along the waterfront.

When we arrived, we met up with the rest of their family from the Gold Coast and spent an hour or two browsing the different booths and enjoying the views.

After we had looked at all of the markets, we found a Mexican restaurant and had some lunch. While we were there, some more members of the family came to join us, and after playing games with the girls, and having great conversations with each other. I remember one of the things we had talked about was me coming back to live in Australia.


Honestly, I was ready to book my next trip to the Gold Coast. I remember all of us sharing a toast to friends and family, and another one for my return. It made me so happy, and it just made it harder to except the fact that this part of my trip was quickly coming to an end.


The afternoon went by way too fast. After lunch we headed down to the pool and I went swimming with the girls. We grabbed some ice cream afterwards, but then it was time for me to fly back to Melbourne. So after saying goodbye to everyone we headed to the Brisbane airport.

Kathy, Corinna, and her daughter had flights out that evening as well so we were able to grab a quick dinner together at the airport before heading to our separate gates.

Getting on that plane was one of the hardest things I had to do. Even thought it was only for a few days, my time up in Queensland had to be one of the best times. I felt right at home there, and that was because of the people I got to spend those days with.  FullSizeRender 11

After landing in Melbourne, Lindsey and Rowan were there to pick me up and I was able to share some of my stories from my weekend trip with them on the car ride home.

The next day, the 13th was a packing day.

After breakfast that morning(a classic English breakfast with the ham, hash brown, egg, tomatoes, and beans), we headed to the stores. I might have gone a little crazy and bought lots of different candy and snacks to bring home to everyone.


The next stop was buying a suite case to fit all of the gifts, snacks, and souvenirs in. Once everything was bought, we headed back to the house. I managed to fit everything into my suitcases, and then we all got ready to head out to dinner.

We went to a place called The Groove Train and had a great dinner. Once we were finished with that, we headed down towards the water front and got some frozen yogurt for dessert. After all of that, we took a walk down Eastern Beach. Rowan was so patient with us. Lindsey and I were taking photos for most of the walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We knew it was going to be an early morning(leaving for the airport around 5:30am), so when we got back to the house Lindsey and I had some hot chocolate and had some best friend chats before heading for bed.

The next morning was pretty crazy. Getting to the Melbourne airport was easy. But saying goodbye and  trying to get to my gate was really hard and stressful.

For one, I had very little sleep and had just had to say goodbye to my best friend(which was harder than I could have imagined it to be), so when I was told that my carry one was too heavy(it barely had anything in it), I had to go behind the check in desk and empty out and repack a lot of my things into my checked luggage.

Then, before I got to security, I was asked to step aside and take a survey that “would only take a moment”. But as we all know, it was a lot longer than “a moment”. I was also randomly selected at security to get scanned again.

After making it through all of that, I spent the last bit of Australian money I had on snacks for the plane ride, and I got some breakfast and my last cup of Aussie coffee before I made it to my gate.

I had written a blog post at the gate that you can read here, reflecting on my trip.

Here is another post that I wrote after landing in LA the next morning.

Thank you so much for reading my posts about the trip! Thank you to everyone in Australia who made this trip to special. And thank you to everyone for following along on my posts, and for your prayers and support when I was gone.

If you missed one, or are curious about other parts of my trip, you can find them all on my blog under the “Australia” tab.

You can also leave any comments, questions, or stories of your own on this post. I’d love to read them!


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