Vegemite, Beaches, Kayaking, and Coffee

My second day on the Gold Coast was definitely well spent!

For breakfast, I finally tried vegemite. And let’s just say that I was only able to get a couple of bites of toast down before I had to stop eating it. I’m not even sure how to describe it, but I don’t think I will ever be wanting or having it again any time soon. But I’m pretty proud of myself for trying it!

After breakfast we headed to Surfer’s Paradise. We walked by the beach, then headed towards all of the shops. I bought myself some souvenirs, and gifts for others before we grabbed some coffee and headed to our next place.

Our next stop was  Currumbin beach. It was along a creek which was perfect for their granddaughter, and it was a nice, quiet, relaxing change of pace.  After chatting and some snacks, Jordan and I went kayaking for a bit. They were all trying to convince me to do some paddle boarding, but I was afraid that my uncoordinated self wouldn’t be able to stay standing for more than a second.

So rather than trying that and embarrassing myself, we went kayaking instead. I was even a little hesitant about it, but I’m glad I went. It was definitely a highlight of the day.

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After spending that time on the water, we packed up our things and made our way to Burleigh Heads for lunch. After that, we walked down to Burleigh Beach for a little while and took some photos before it was time to head back to the house.

On our way back, we were driving past different places that I should try and visit when I am able to go back to Australia. Let’s just say, I definitely should have planned this part of the trip better and allowed more time there. There is so much to do there, and so many different places I’d love to see. It’s just all the more reason to go back!

Once we got to the house, we relaxed for a little while and chatted more with the rest of the family before I headed out with Kathy, Barry, and their grand daughter to pick up Corrina at the Brisbane airport.

From there, we made our way up to the Sunshine Coast and stayed at this little campground in a cabin. The campground was located up on a mountain, and if you walked down towards one end of the camp, you could look down and see the Sunshine Coast.

It was a great time being able to catch up with Corinna and spend time with this family. We arrived at the Sunshine Coast pretty late and it was going to be an early morning, so after settling in we all headed for bed.

The next day, we headed to the Australia Zoo, yes, the one where Steve Irwin worked, as well as the rest of the Irwin family. Being a fan of their whole family, I was really excited.

I’ll be talking about that trip in my next blog post!

So for now, thank you for reading! Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments!

Until next time!


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