“The Wombat Bit Me!”

On March 3rd, Lindsey and I drove to Ballarat to spend the afternoon at the Wildlife Park!kanaga

I went into this day not really knowing what to expect, I just knew that I was excited. I knew that there would be kangaroos that you would feed, and that I would be able to see koalas, wombats, and many other animals that can be found in Australia.

What I didn’t know was that when you walk through the gate, the kangaroos were everywhere! Literally, everywhere. Just roaming free around the park. And since we had kangaroo food, they  came and greeted us at the door and I got to feed and pet my first kangaroo! Needless to say, I was really happy and excited.

After walking around a little, Lindsey and I headed back up to the entrance of the park to go on a guided tour. We had a great tour guide, and I learned a lot about the different wildlife in Australia. tasi devil

We got to see the koalas before we headed to the Tasmanian Devils and we were able to see them get fed. They’re actually really cute. Until they see the food that they want and then they might look a little scary.



We headed farther down into the park and saw a lot of different birds. Now keep in mind, as we were walking through the park, the kangaroos were everywhere. Some would come up to you and wait for food, others would let you pet them, and others would reach up and try to take away the bag of food that you were supposed to hide and keep out of sight(some people forgot about this and I saw someones bag get ripped away from them and then the kangaroo hopped off).  kanga3

I don’t know how the tour guide was able to be so patient with us. He would be talking, or trying to get us to move onto the next animal exhibit when a kangaroo(s) would come up to us and we’d all stop walking and start feeding them and taking photos.

wombatEventually, we made it up towards the wombats and the dingos. Our tour guide let the wombat walk around, and he
slowly made its way up to Lindsey and bit her ankle.  He tried to bite someone else’s ankle before the tour guide picked him back up so our feet and ankles would be safe again. Don’t worry, Lindsey was fine. But it definitely gave us something to laugh about.

kanaga2The last thing that we saw was a large crocodile. Of course, they named him Crunch. After that, our tour was over. We stuck around the park for a little while, and we fed more kangaroos. Then, after buying a few(okay, a lot) of small souvenirs in the gift shop, we headed towards the car where we had our picnic lunch.

Then it was time to head home. But first, we found a cute little coffee shop in Ballarat and grabbed some iced coffee before the hour drive. It definitely didn’t seem the long though. Blasting One Direction in the car and singing along as loud as we could, and sometimes slightly off key made it go by really fast.

I am glad I was able to make it to Ballarat on this trip. Thank you Lindsey for driving us out there! Now I can officially say that I have pet and fed kangaroos. And one of my best friends can say that she has been bitten by a wombat.





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