Spending Time with Family

On March 2nd I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with some family that I have in Melbourne!

I got on a train in Geelong and arrived in the city right around 9:00 that morning. Thank goodness for cell phones because without it, it would have taken a whole lot longer to find my mom’s cousin in this new, unfamiliar, and exciting place. After walking a couple of blocks from the train station and some texts about where we were I realized I had walked right past him, a couple of blocks too far.

But that was the only mishap of the day.lidcx Once we found each other, he welcomed me to Melbourne and we were on our way to the Melbourne Museum. After a nice breakfast and coffee at the museum’s cafe we started exploring the museum. We had finished walking through the Aboriginal Culture Centre and headed outside to the Forestry exhibit. We were walking along and chatting when Michael suddenly said “Watch out!”. I automatically thought it was a snake, spider, or something poisonous and ran behind him. But he got down and pointed out this lizard to me. I might have overreacted a little, but it is definitely something I will never forget.

We continued our walk through the whole museum. We saw exhibits on everything from marine life and dinosaurs, to the human body and the history of Melbourne. The exhibit that really stood out to me the most was the WWI exhibit. Michael and I realized that that was the exhibit we spent the most time in. I learned so much from the it, and I learned so much about Melbourne and the rest of Australia from that visit.

mike2Around 1pm we made our way to St Kilda. We walked down to the end of the pier and had lunch at the small cafe. The views from our table were great. The Melbourne skyline on one side, and St. Kilda beach on the other. During lunch we talked a lot about family,mainly our family members that are in the states, and that was definitely a highlight for me. The lunch was great, and the surprise of a lamington for dessert was even better.
We spent the next hour or so walking around St Kilda beach, then we went up to Luna Park to take a couple of photos in front of the entrance. Once the mike4.jpgphotos were taken, we stopped in Macca’s (McDonalds) and got some iced coffees before walking back to the car. From there, we drove closer to Southbank and walked along the river to Flinders Street train station where we met up with two of his sons, then walked back on over to South Bank for dinner with his wife who arrived after work.

I honestly had such a great time getting to know some of my family. It was hard saying goodbye, a lot harder than I thought it would be.

This day was probably one of my favorites out of the whole trip. Honestly, all the days I got to spend in Melbourne were some of my favorites. But there is something special about knowing that you have family all over the world, and I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to get to know the family that I have living in Melbourne.




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