I Made It!

After about 24 hours of traveling and 3 hours of sleep, I made it to Australia! I am already falling in love with this country and the people here.

Yesterday, I was able to spend some time on my own downtown Geelong. I walked along the water front, then found a cute little restaurant called Panache Cafe and Creperie. I found a table inside(the outside tables were all full), placed an order, then started to write about my first couple of days here and I wanted to share some of it with all of you!

As some of you readers may know, I arrived in Melbourne on Friday and was finally reunited with my best friend Lindsey after not being able to see each other for aussienearly 2 years. I finally got to meet her husband Rowan, and to see her new home here in Geelong.

Despite the jet lag, the gross feeling you have after sitting on a plane for 16 hours, and the great need to sleep, we unloaded my things then hopped in the car and headed to lunch in Torquay. We ate at the Bottle of Milk and I had my first Aussie lunch(which was fantastic). Then, we drove to the beach at Torquaaussie2y for some photos.

We came home after that and had some dinner. Even though the jet lag was pulling me to bed, it was only about 6pm. So we stayed up and chatted, caught up on all of the best friend talks with Lindsey, and around 9:30, I headed to bed and probably fell asleep in less than a minute. aussie3

The next morning I got to meet Lindsey’s mother in law(mum), and she is one of the sweetest ladies. We went down to Eastern Beach(featured image), walked along the water, then went to a small restaurant called Sailor’s Rest(my favorite place so far) and had some iced coffee and chips.
Later that afternoon we drove to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie that had recently opened and enjoyed some chocolate samples, and a chocolate waffle with ice cream and fresh fruit.

Once we’d had aussie5enough of the sweets, we drove down to Point Addis. Words can’t describe how beautiful it is there. And none of my photos can ever do it justice. I have only been here for a few days, but I am already falling in love with this beautiful country. I can’t believe that beaches, and sights like these are just a short drive away from where Lindsey and Rowan live.

When we were at  Point Addis, I took a moment to just look out on the view, and I couldn’t help but just stand in awe. The beauty of God’s creation is evident in every single thing. Not just in this place, but in our every day lives as well.

I have heard the quote that goes somaussie6ething along the lines of “Just think, the same God who made the stars, the sea, the land and the sky looked down on the world and decided that the world needed you too”.

This quote came to mind while I looked out from this point. The love that God has for me and all of His creation left me speechless. The God who created all of this chose to create me too. He created me and you for a purpose.

Even if that purpose is still unknown to you, He created all of this world, and all of the creatures in it. And He created you. Because He loves you, longs for a relationship with you, and has a great purpose for your life.

You are here for a reason. You were chosen by God for a reason even if that reason may be unclear to you.

Needless to say, I am quickly falling in love with this country. I’m excited for the many more adventures that we will be going on while I’m here.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! As always, if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations of places to visit while I’m here I would love to read them!


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